Dean Anderson, Phone: 800-447-6306, Email: Paul Townsend, Paul Townsend Sales, Phone: 951-642-0129, Email: Jim Arwine, The Arwine Company; Phone: 907-276-0735; Email: Gary Finucan; Phone: 800-989-5172; Mike and Renee Galer, Prairie Mountain; Phone: 800-370-4941; Email: Casey and Sharon, Heupel Sales; Phone: 888-884-9044 Megan McCoy; Phone: 800-878-7187; Email: Megan McCoy; Phone: 800-370-4941; Email: Jim Maschino; Phone: 800-942-6644; Email: Bill and Eileen O'Meara, O'Meara and Associates; Phone: 603-472-3064; Email: Crawford Sales: Dick Crawford, 843-209-7579 Rod Spear and Lester Spear, Spear and Associates; Phone: 877-706-9630; Email: Trey Friar; 417-631-8941; Sales Map

    Dean Anderson     Heupel Sales     Megan McCoy

Phone: 800-447-6306



Casey and Sharon Heupel

Phone: 888-884-9044

Northern Rocky Mountains


Phone: 800-878-7187

The Great Southwest / Texas

    Paul Townsend Sales     Spear & Associates     O'Meara and Associates

Paul Townsend

Phone: 951-642-0129
California-Nevada (Reno)


Rod Spear & Lester Spear

Phone: 877-706-9630

Email Rod / Email Lester
North Eastern States


Bill and EiIeen O'Meara

Phone: 603-472-3064
Mid-Atlantic States

    The Arwine Company     Jim Maschino     Crawford Sales

Jim Arwine

Phone: 907-276-0735


Phone: 800-942-6644

Central States


Dick Crawford

Phone: 843-209-7579

South Eastern States

    Gary Finucan     Prairie Mountain     Trey Friar

Phone: 800-989-5172
Central Rocky Mountains


Mike and Renee Galer

Phone: 800-370-4941




Phone: 417-631-8941



Questions about which representative serves your area?  Renee and Mike Galer are the owners of Prairie Mountain and are always available to answer any questions at 800-370-4941 or Email or


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